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App Name ABA English
Gene Education
Size 61.53MB
Latest Version 5.6.7
Update Fri Jan 21 2022

Foreign language becomes an essential element for all people if they wish to find a good job. Today, English is one of the most spoken languages globally, so a lot of people started to spend a lot of time starting to learn this language. They will improve their pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary to apply them appropriately in different skills. But sometimes, being able to self-study becomes too difficult because the materials are not available or the methods are unknown. If you are looking for a way to learn English effectively, you can look to an ABA English application.

Useful English learning apps

ABA English is an application that helps to learn English on the mobile platform. In this app, you can find content and online courses. This helps you to be able to learn English easily by yourself. From this useful function, the application is highly appreciated by many users and received positive feedback from them.

Besides these useful capabilities, the manufacturer continues to perfect the application to help users learn English well. They receive comments and requests from users for a complete application. This is one of the positive factors that make the application suitable and accessible to more people.

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Application to learn English effectively

The application is divided into two main contents are Content created for you and Complete online English course. This helps learners to choose a learning style suitable for themselves, as well as ensuring full knowledge. For each of these types, there are different advantages that each person should know.

For Content created for you, you can choose the content you love. Specifically, interesting content such as movies, music, cooking, travel, etc., can be found easily. For these topics, you can learn by yourself and improve your knowledge. The topics you enjoy will help motivate you to learn English. For the complete online English course, you will be able to find video-based lessons. Specifically, you will find it interesting to explore specific situations. These specific situations have advantages that help you learn vocabulary, phonetics, and grammar. From there, you can learn how to apply them effectively in language skills and real situations.

Besides, in two modes, you will find exercises and tests to know your level. The test is always one of the most effective ways for you to find your limitations. Gradually, you will overcome these weaknesses to be able to use English effectively and easily improve your level. With utilities available on this application, this helps you to study anytime you want. You can learn the way you like so that you can improve on your own. You won’t be dependent on anyone, and you can adjust your own pace of learning.

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ABA English is an effective English learning app on mobile platforms. You can choose from two different experiences depending on your learning goals. There will be topics that match your interests and motivate you to find out for yourself. Besides, there are also videos related to communication situations that help you learn practical knowledge. Do not forget to do exercises and tests after each lesson to know your level. ABA English will surely bring you great lessons.

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